5 Ways to Distribute Your Survey that You Didn’t Know

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Everyone knows how to send links by email, or post links on social media. These are the basics of distributing your survey that everyone uses. But it’s not working you.

People simply aren’t clicking on your survey link, or they click it only to leave after realizing it’s a survey.

You know all the basics but it’s just not enough—the struggle to increase response rates is always difficult.

So, here are 5 ways to distribute your survey that you didn’t know already, and that will definitely increase your survey response rates.



New Snapchat Update Hack

Snapchat is the new trend in marketing. Everyone is trying to be on the Snapchat train, and use it for staying connected, promoting their business or just personal use. With its popularity, the app is constantly rolling out updates—and the latest one is something you can take advantage of to distribute your survey.

So what is it?

You can simply send your survey via a snapchat.

What? Yes.

The new update on Snapchat allows you to send links through Snapchat, which the receivers can choose to swipe up and directly access the link.

This dramatically increases the cross-platform, or promotional platform for Snapchat, and for you—well you can send your survey link through Snapchat.


ACTION: Now send your survey to your Snapchat friends, and with a simple swipe up of the finger they have your survey in their hands.




Interesting Pinterest

I told you that you wouldn’t have thought of these methods.

Pinterest is a interestingly a very promotion-friendly platform. So long as the posts or “pins” aren’t spammy, there is plenty of potential for you to distribute your survey through Pinterest.

So how do you use Pinterest to promote your survey?

Pinterest is driven by images. So to use Pinterest, you’re can go through a easy 3-step-process.



  1. Use Canva to create an appealing banner or image for your survey

  2. Pick an appropriate title that captures attention and makes people want to actually participate.

  3. Save the picture and post it on Pinterest with your survey link.




Ironic Facebook Event

Everyone is using facebook. It’s very likely that you have a Facebook yourself, and that you have your fair share of friends on it too.

Posting links on Facebook and asking your friends to participate is also a very known and very common way to increase survey response rates. But you already know that.

Everyone knows about making a page, publishing a post, whatever on Facebook, but you need something to set yourself, and your survey apart. You need an event page.

What’s an event page?

A page with a designated date and time that marks an event for your Facebook page or profile. People have the option to rsvp to this event by responding Going, Maybe, or Not.

But what does an event on Facebook have anything to do with distributing surveys you ask?

Literally make an event with a date and time dedicated for doing the survey.

I know it sounds absurd, but people love simple meta things like this nowadays, and it will work if you already have a decent friend list or following.

In addition, it will help you share results with the participants of the event and even engage in interesting interactions on the event page.


ACTION: Make a Facebook Event page for your survey.





Slide into DMs

How can you use Twitter or Instagram to promote your survey BESIDES simply tweeting links?

Slide into DMs of course. (This is a popularized expression that just refers to smoothly engaging an individual through direct message.)

You want to create value and entertainment in your interactions. Use a relevant topic, trend, or event and begin Tweeting or Instagramming (commenting, posting, etc) interactively about it. Interaction is KEY.

After a few valuable interactions, don’t be shy and DM someone that you’ve just engaged with a link to your survey with some context. Don’t be spammy, or pushy—make it a personal message that relates to the interaction you’ve just had! and make sure you express your gratitude.

Not only will this increase your social media presence and interaction, but it will help promote your survey.


ACTION: Have valuable interactions, then slide into DMs.





Make a Youtube video

This might be the most challenging of all of methods mentioned in this article, but if done right can be extremely valuable. Videos are in the forefront of appeal and attention in social media and internet visibility.

If you make an entertaining and informative video and put it on Youtube, you can post a link to that video instead.

What you want to do is at the end of the video, ask viewers to click on a link in the description to give their ideas about your [survey topic].

Afterwards, share the video on various social media pages, and voila.

This works because people are more likely to click and watch videos on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, than click on just any random link.

The important this is this.

On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram videos can play in the native window rather than open up a new window of Youtube. This is important because people dislike the hassle of being directed to another page than they were on. If they click your video and decide to watch it to the end, they are invested enough to potentially take your survey.


ACTION: Make a Youtube video to garner attention, and ask viewers to give their input through your survey.







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